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For the inventor, research scientist and innovation-driven company, Wacari commercializes virtually any new technology, both managing risk and maximizing the return to the client. Wacari, through a rigorous and analytical process, defines the highest and best application of the new product, the stage of development necessary for the subject industry and a comprehensive strategy to achieve commercial success, be it through a start-up enterprise or a licensing agreement with an influential and established corporate partner.
The longest part of the commercialization process was getting to Wacari. Since finding you gentlemen, we've been moving right along. I couldn't be happier. Should I decide to throw my hat in with another product, you all will be my first call. — Rebecca M., Wacari Group client
We are a diverse team of seasoned professionals with substantial academic credentials, able to handle all aspects of commercialization: Product development, engineering, prototypes, marketing, finance, competitive intelligence, entrepreneurship and licensing of intellectual property. Wacari can also guide the client in securing qualified legal counsel and Patent protection.

We offer many of the services and support structure of an incubator or technology transfer agency, but to all small businesses and invention-owners regardless of location and affiliation. While Wacari is based in Colorado and many of our clients are in and around Denver and Boulder, we operate across the entire U.S. and internationally as the program indicates. Because Wacari’s return comes from a share at the back-end of the process our clients can be assured that their interests are always first and foremost.