Wacari News Updates

April 2013: Wacari Group Interview for Boulder County Business Report

The Boulder County Business Report recently interviewed Dr. Moorer and Mr. Svoboda of the Wacari Group. In particular, the successful commercialization of the True Easy Syringe is discussed.

January 2013: True Easy Syringe mentioned at Momstown-Minds

The web site http://momstown-minds.momstown.ca is listing the Ture Easy Syringe as one of their 5 products to keep families healthy.

November 2012: PTPA Award Winning Product

image Wacari was excited to learn that the True Easy Syringe has been selected as a PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Award winning product. More information on this award is availble on the product web page. Congratulations to the inventor, Ms. MacLean, on this well-earned recognition.

October 2012: Medical Dosing Device Advertising

Click on image for an enlarged version of the True Easy Syringe Advertising.
Rebecca MacLean’s product is a classic example of necessity being the mother of invention. She was frustrated by the hassle and imprecision of existing cups and syringes for measuring the amount of liquid medications, such as cough syrup and antibiotics, to children. After 7 years and several false starts, Ms. MacLean had all but given up on the idea until she was introduced to the Wacari Group. The team at Wacari was immediately impressed with the device’s potential and proceeded to identify the appropriate markets, distribution channels and potential commercialization partners. The launch of the syringe has already received media coverage in publications like Scholastic’s Parent & Child Magazine (ad shown to the right). And the True Easy Syringe also received a glowing review on “The Joe Show”, an online product review.

The full Press Release on this can be downloaded here.

We are pleased to report that this invention has also been recenlty nominated for the Edison award.